Air Conditioning Repair Services

Having a good repair service on call should you experience problems is certainly important and we believe we can offer you an excellent service that will more than meet your needs. Air conditioning has proved its worth once more this summer, as the high temperatures have made only the coolest of environments bearable. Ensuring that your air conditioning continues to work for you as effectively and efficiently as it can throughout the year is an important factor in keeping your offices a pleasant and productive working environment.

We have extensive experience across a wide range of types and most manufacturers of air conditioning units – so not only can we diagnose faults quickly, we are also able to carry out a large percentage of your air conditioning repairs on the spot, too.

As part of our commitment to providing you with the very best in customer service for your air conditioning repairs we ensure that:

  • When you call us you’ll speak to a human not to an automated message
  • We’re available from 9am to 6pm on 5 days of the week
  • All our engineers are highly trained and professional, able to offer you expert and friendly advice.
  • We use only manufacturer approved parts so that once your air conditioning repairs been successfully carried out your units will continue to run efficiently in the future.

We Are The Best Servicemen

When it comes to ensuring your air conditioning unit has a full and productive life it is important to service your units, our service and maintenance team of qualified technicians provides realistic solutions for all makes and models of air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and electrical control problems.


  • Air Conditioner Cleaning
  • Air Conditioner Repairs & regular maintenance
  • Air Conditioner Installations
  • Cleaning of split and ducted air cooling systems
  • Modification of air conditioning systems
  • Replacement of copper piping insulation
  • Vacuum or flush condensate air con drain pipe
  • Repair and replacement of air-conditioner components, parts, and accessories
  • Energy or electrical saving consultation
  • Refrigerant gas level check and gas top-up
  • Periodic checks on temperatures &  running pressures.
  • Regular checks on mechanical parts
  • Greasing, repairing, or replacement of faulty components.
  • Evaluation of system performance data for enhanced efficiency
  • Periodic replacement of filter driers and air filters.
  • General maintenance of system and equipment.